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 NSK Primado 2 

Primado 2

High Speed Total Surgical System


Feel the difference


Primado2 is NSK’s second generation electric total surgical system, designed for fulfilling surgeons’ demands.

During the five years since NSK have distributed Primado in 2006, NSK have obtained various feedback from surgeons throughout the world.


Based on their input, Primado2 is uncompromisingly built to assume maximum quality throughout the product line. Four strong lineups including the new motor series, Slim Motor, are introduced in Primado2. 

They consummate excellent cutting, and achieve weight balance during drilling. Thus, using Primado2 is less fatiguing for surgeons, which is especially beneficial during long hours of surgery, and it allows them to concentrate on the operation at hand.

Moreover, the product safety achieved reduces the risk of undesirable events. Hope you experience the exceptional use that Primado2 provides.

primado2 title .png

The sign of excellence

Primado2 makes it possible to conduct various types of surgeries.
New features include a control unit with a liquid crystal display touch screen, a multifunctional foot control, four lineups of motor handpieces, and extensive attachments.
Additionally, easy maintenance is highly valued as all of the Primado2 handpieces and attachments are thermo disinfector compatible.
Primado2 Series
primado2 dset.png
primado2 dset 1.png
primado2 dset 2.png
primado2 dset 3.png
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