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About us

Company Background

Our company headquarter currently located at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. We started our business in central region only 2016. Currently our business expands rapidly throughout most of the states in west Malaysia. We supplied wide range of medical products & services to orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain physician, interventional radiologist etc., in both government and private hospitals. Our company are actively participating in events held by medical societies in Malaysia likes MSS and IIPU and other countries so that we are up to date to latest technologies and benefited from knowledge exchange. 

We are a growing company who optimistic about our future. There are always new challenges to face, but we believe in always deliver more than expected by providing quality products and services which will help us stay competitive and sustainable in the business.

Our Mission: Bring life changing and cost-effective pain management solutions to every person who suffers from chronic pain

Our Vision: To make the society a better place where people who suffers from chronic pain can access to the best treatments that they need

Slogan: Relieving Pain, Restoring Function, Renewing Hope

“Riff Raff Pain Cast” is born out of a kind & genuine idea. 
“Riff Raff” means underprivileged people. 
“Pain Cast” came from an idiom which we hope the medical devices that we supply work like a charm for every patient.

It is like casting a magic spell to them, relieve their pain and bring back their smiles.

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