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Vimex Endoscopy

A complete solution for minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery

VIMEX is an Original Design Manufacturer of rigid endoscopy devices like video systems, light sources, arthroscopy shavers and irrigation pumps.   


VIMEX ENDOSCOPY is a brand of the highest quality endoscopy devices designed and produced by VIMEX.


The devices successfully work in hospitals and clinics in Europe (mainly Germany and Switzerland), Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Every year, they find their recognition on the biggest international medical trade fair in Dusseldorf (Medica) and Dubai (Arab Health).

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A complete solution dedicated to minimal invasive arthroscopic surgeries. It helps medical professionals to ensure a high precision of the surgery and minimize damages of injured soft tissue.
Arthroscopic Shaver System

High quality arthroscopic shaver systems. Enhanced by a wide range of rotational speed and high efficiency of the drive unit. Light and ergonomic handpiece. Controlled by a wireless or cable footswitch.



  • Two handpiece outputs
  • A handpiece with automatic or manual lock
  • Counter-wise, counter-clockwise and oscillation handpiece rotation modes
  • Three oscillation modes: light, medium and aggressive.
  • Controlled by a control unit panel or footswitch
  • Automatic identification of a connected handpiece and set of previously used parameters
  • Compatibility with shaver blades of well-known manufacturers


  • Wireless footswitch
  • Ergonomic and autoclavable handpiece
  • Protection against overloading of a handpiece
  • Smooth and continuous work of the engine. Stable oscillation mode.
  • Fully controlled rotational and oscillation speed.
  • Disposable and multi-use shaver baldes (with no use-limits)
  • Non-volatile memory of previous settings
  • Big and clear display
  • Esthetic and modern design
  • Multi-language menu: (English, German, French, Polish, Russian and Turkish)
Vimex Series
Shaver Console parameters.JPG
Handpieces Parameters.JPG

Ergonomic shaver handpiece with a comfortable grip, appreciated by medical staff during long surgeries. Fully autoclavable. Smooth regulation of outflow channel. Available with an automatic or manual lock.

Footswitches Parameters.JPG

Remote footswitch for an arthroscopy shaver. Wireless or cable connection. IP X8 casing safety protection. Allows for a full control of the shaver (clockwise, counter-clockwise, oscillation and change of a handpiece socket). Ergonomic shape. Made from esthetic and solid stuff.

Arthroscopic Shaver System Barracuda -  New generation

Next generation, high quality arthroscopic shaver system controlled via handpiece or via footswitch. Featuring extremely efficient and robust handpiece characterized by ergonomic and compact construction. Designed to complete the procedure precisely at the minimal trauma level.



  • wide range of rotational speeds
  • window calibration feature
  • available direction modes: forward, oscillation, reverse
  • nine oscillation modes
  • automatic handpiece detection
  • controlled directly via buttons on the handpiece or via footswitch
  • fully autoclavable, light and ergonomic handpiece
  • dedicated shaver blades


  • unique handpiece head design - easy, efficient and reliable cleaning and disinfection process
  • sophisticated oscillation modes to meetrequirements of the most demanding operators
  • smooth and stable work within the entire range of rotational speeds
  • single-use and reusable shaver blades with uniquely designed hub eliminating problematic articulation effect
  • large and clear user interface - facilitates instant reading of essential parameters
  • on-screen display - presentation of significant parameters on the medical monitor
  • ergonomic handpiece with buttons for comfortable holding and operating
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